• consulting of PR activity in general
    establish press system as the base of communication activity
  • brand construction
    communicate correctly information and function of product from brand story and appeal for brand name. support making fans by communicating the offer value that brands bring
  • marketing
    support product planning
  • buying
    support product buying
  • supporting sales at exhibition / order meeting

Media Relations

We do all PR activities in place of distributor.

  • media plan
    decide an efficient advertising plan and follow advertisement and editorial tie-up according to a purpose and the budget of each brand. follow-up after exposure on media
  • publicity plan
    select and approach(include visiting the caravan) suitable media such as magazine, TV, WEB to the brand, and do daily sample lending
  • making and distributing press release
    make press release every season and send it to each media (newspaper, magazine, TV, WEB)
  • Making and exposing of special NEWS release


  • organize plan and production of events such as shop opening of brand, presentation of new collection, fashion show etc.
  • list up press people to invite to event, send the invitation, and attract them
  • attend the invited customers on the day of the event
  • follow up article publication after the event